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Название: Top Ten Best Selling Albums Of All-Time
Отправлено: AntZ от 17 Октябрь 2006, 10:04:10
1. Michael Jackson - Thriller (1983)
Copies Sold: 54 Million
Though no-one can give a definitive number, Thriller is considered by most all accounts to be the best selling album of all-time, with over an estimated fifty-four million copies sold worldwide and multiple number one hits.

2. AC/DC - Back In Black (1980)
Copies Sold: 42 Million
After Bon Scott's death it was questionable whether AC/DC could reach previous levels of success, but with the song writing started while Bon was still alive, and Brian Johnson taking over the mic, AC/DC were indeed Back in Black.


да здравствуют 80-е!!! +)))